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BACKSTAGE at the Cantonese Opera

BACKSTAGE at the Cantonese Opera
a production by the Spring Glory Cantonese Opera Workshop (Hong Kong)
October 20, 2019
UH Mānoa Campus Center Ballroom

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劇團簡介  About Spring Glory
Spring Glory Cantonese Opera Workshop is always committed to the education, promotion and research of the art of Cantonese opera. Over the years, it has organized and supported numerous Cantonese opera programmes in Hong Kong, the mainland and overseas under the guidance of master Cantonese opera artist Prof. Yuen Siu-Fai and seasoned performing arts coordinator and producer Ms. Barbara Tang. These critically acclaimed programmes are widely supported by the industry and other sectors alike.

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This performance is co-presented by the East-West Center Arts Program and the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa Outreach College with support from the Universityʻs Center for Chinese Studies, Wo Luk Music Club and the following sponsors:

Hong Kong Arts Development Council

Supported by The Arts Development Fund of the Home Affairs Bureau, the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region



戲裡戲外看戲班演員BACKSTAGE Cast List

阮兆輝YUEN Siu-Fai                              as    粵劇大師樂師Maestro / Musician
鄧拱璧Barbara Kung-Pik TANG             as    監製Producer
曾慕雪Musette Mo-Suet TSANG            as    記者Reporter
李俊樂Gordon Chun-Lok LEE                as    樂師Musician
 AU Kim-Ying                               as    武生General
張潔霞CHEUNG Kit-Ha                         as    花旦Leading Actress
蔡之崴TSAI Chih-Wei                            as    孫悟空 Monkey King
溫玉瑜WAN Yuk-Yu                               as    樂師Beard Role / Musician
詹浩鋒 JIM HO-Fung                              as    Male Role
蕭詠儀SIU Wing-Yee                              as    服裝助理衣箱Dresser
宋 鍔SUNG Ngok                                 as    樂師Musician
唐宛瑩April Yuen-Ying TONG               as    舞台監督樂師Stage Manager / Musician
鄺炳全KWONG Bing-Chuen                  as    佈景師Set Designer

粵劇折子戲《搶傘》演員Cantonese opera excerpts "Scramble for Umbrella" Cast List

阮兆輝YUEN Siu-Fai                          as   蔣世隆JIANG Shi-Long
陳咏儀Chan Wing-Yee                        as   王瑞蘭WONG Rui-Lan

Mr YUEN Siu-Fai  
Ms Barbara TANG

Ms Musette TSANG

藝術總監Artistic Director                                              阮兆輝YUEN Siu-Fai

統籌監製 Producer                                                     鄧拱璧Barbara Kung-Pik TANG
導演編劇 Director / Playwright                                 曾慕雪Musette Mo-Suet TSANG

舞台監督Stage Manager劇團秘書Secretary            王小鳳 WONG Siu-Fung
服裝主管衣箱Dresser                                           佐祥 WONG Chor-Cheung
技術人員(字幕) Technician (Subtitle)                          徐嘉盈Karen Ka-Ying CHUI
行政助理Administrative Assistant                                鍾洪虎CHUNG Hung-Fu

Description of Program
Program Duration
Drama《戲裡戲外看戲班》(BACKSTAGE)                                                           55 Min
Interact Section                                                                                                           30 Min
Cantonese Opera Excerpt搶傘》 (Scramble for an Umbrella)                              35 Min
Total: 2 hours

Most dialogue of the drama will be in English while the excerpt will be sung in Chinese. 
Subtitles in English and Chinese are available throughout the performance.



This is a story that takes place in an English-speaking country at the backstage of a Cantonese opera troupe. The performance is about to start, and artists are getting ready for the show. A young foreign-born Chinese reporter who does not speak Cantonese is visiting the troupe in the backstage. She sees the Monkey King rehearsing a combat scene with the leading actor who is dressed in dazzling military costumes. The leading actress shows her stylized movement in her three-inch tiny shoes. The beard man who shows his technique with his long beard…the reporter is curious and puzzled by all these. The producer answers all her queries which are from the angle of the audience. At the same time, an aged artist steps into the backstage and is mistaken as a substitute musician. He rehearses with other musicians. As the show starts, everybody leaves the backstage for the performance. The aged artist remains in the backstage alone and reminisces his past as he sings a “Nanyin” (a particular soft style in Cantonese music). When all artists come back to the backstage, they then realise this old gentleman is a retired renowned Cantonese opera star who immigrated here over thirty years ago…

Dialogues are mostly in English with Chinese & English subtitles.

粵劇折子戲《搶傘》Cantonese Opera Excerpt (Scramble for an Umbrella)

“Scramble for an Umbrella” is a light-hearted scene with easy to understand body movements, singing and performance by two of the first class artists in the field.

Wong Rui-Lan, daughter of the Minister of War, is separated from her mother during the war and meets the cultivated talent Jiang Shi-Long one day in the wilderness. They fall in love during the journey and Rui-Lan gives Shi-Long her hairpin as a token of marriage.

Dialogues and lyrics are in Cantonese with Chinese & English subtitles.

互動環節Interaction Section
Audiences will have the opportunity to learn opera movements and even do a traditional opera makeup.

PARKING ADVISORY : Campus Center is currently undergoing various renovation projects. Many of the usual entrances are blocked. Please utilize the following instructions for the easiest access to the Campus Center Ballroom.

  1. Head east on Dole Street
  2. Turn left on East-West Rd
  3. Continue on East-West Road for 400 ft
  4. Turn left on Correa Rd
  5. Continue on Correa Rd. Parking closest to campus center is at the end of the road, but you may park in any marked stall along Correa Rd.
  6. After you park, head towards the double stairs. The Campus Center Ballroom is on the 3rd floor.
  7. If you need access to an elevator, head to the far left side of the stairs. The elevator is past the door for the Campus Center Graphics and Marketing Office.
  8.       We will have signs posted on the day of the performance to help guide you as well.

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BACKSTAGE at the Cantonese Opera

春暉粵藝工作坊 BACKSTAGE at the Cantonese Opera a production by the Spring Glory Cantonese Opera Workshop (Hong Kong)...