Thursday, September 26, 2019

Indian Ink Theatre Company presents Mrs. Krishnan's Party

Sunday, March 8, 2020 | 2:00pm

Leeward Community College Theatre

Award winning New Zealand based Indian Ink Theatre Company returns to Honolulu with a production of "Mrs. Krishnan's Party" and you're invited!

Step into the back room of Mrs. Krishnan's dairy where garlands decorate the ceiling, music flows and Mrs. Krishnan is throwing a party like no other. Food simmers on the stove, laughter abounds and strangers become friends in this joyous celebration of life.

Take a look at the program!

Performance Seating

Decide which seat is best for you!

Tier 1 - Top Table: (SOLD OUT) These seats are positioned directly at the dining table.

Tier 2 - Inner Circle: These seats are on stage level circling the inner performance area.

Tier 3 - Wall Flowers: These seats are on raised platforms/stage pieces at the side of edge of the room.  They have a great view but are not as involved in the action.

Tier 4 - Cheeky Seats: These seats are also positioned on stage level but are not raised and are behind Tier 2 - Inner Circle (A combination of seats and barstools).

Tier 5 - Party Animals: Patrons stand between the Cheeky Seats and the Wall Flowers.

Here's a video explanation of the seating

 Click here for tickets!

Creating the World of the Play

How many Creatives does it take to put together a play? A lot! Here's just two of them.
Watch on and let set designer, John Verryt and dramaturge, Murray Edmond take you into the world of Mrs Krishnan's Party.

Zina and James

Meet the main characters of Mrs. Krishnan's Party, Zina and James!

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