Thursday, July 5, 2012

Happily Eva Afta Actors: Shelly Kawamoto

* What brought you to Ohia Productions? During my first year at the University of Hawaii at Manoa I joined the Atherton YMCA and became friends with people who were affiliated with Ohia Productions.  They encouraged me to audition for Once Upon One Time, the first part of the Happily Eva Afta trilogy, and I was lucky enough to be casted in the show!
* What do you enjoy the most about being in this production? The Ohia family is a melting pot of individuals who lead very different lives outside of the theatre.  What I enjoy most is that this production enables us to spend time together and build a fabulous show for all to enjoy. 
* What character do you play and how much of your own personality is in that character? In this show I play Mandy, one of the dancing princesses.  Compared to my own personality this character is more youthful and giddy, and she loves the color orange. 
* What's your favorite musical number in the show? My favorite musical number is the finale song "Magic of da Mind" because it is inspirational, sharing the message that you can do anything if you just believe.
* What do you hope the audience will take with them after seeing the show? I hope that through our show, the audience is able to escape their lives for a few hours and enjoy being in our fantasy world, laughing and singing along with us!
* Any fun behind the scenes trivia you'd like to share about the show? The menehunes are each dressed in one color of the rainbow (ROYGBV).  The dancing princesses are dressed in the pastel color of their menehune counterpart.
* Are you a University of Hawaii alumnus?  If so, what was your major and fondest memory of UH? I graduated from the University of Hawaii at Manoa with my Bachelor of Science degree in Dental Hygiene.  I truly enjoyed my time at UH Manoa and carry with me so many fond memories.

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